IFSA 2020 Conference

Theatre of the Oppressed

Would you like to learn more about Theatre of the Oppressed and take part of IFSA 2020 Conference?

The Theatre of the Oppressed uses exercises, games and theatrical techniques as means of democratization of the  theatrical production, and seeks transformation through dialogue and theatre.

We are offering a course that will culminate in a short, fact-based show related to the theme “Farming Systems Facing Climate Change and Resource Challenges”, that will be presented in the first day of IFSA 2020, the 22nd March!

The goal is to represent a scenario of confrontation, and establish a dialogue between stage and audience about the problems at stake.

All participants of this course will be able to attend any session of IFSA 2020 for free.



Course schedule:

Week 1

3rd and 5th of March,  17h – 20h

Week 2

10th and 12th of March, 17h – 20h

14th  of March, 10h – 13h30

Week 3

17th and 19th of March, 16h – 20h


22nd of March, 16h


mhguimaraes@uevora.pt / 968829544

The course has a total of 23.5 hours. The fee is 20€ and grants free attendance to IFSA 2020