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University of Évora

The Conference will take place at Colégio do Espírito Santo, a XVI century UNESCO World Heritage building right in the heart of the town of Évora. The city is very walking friendly and most hotels are located within a short distance from the venue.

The University of Évora was founded in 1559 by Cardinal D. Henrique, who handed it over to the Company of Jesus, and for two centuries it distinguished itself for its role in the education of the elites and the missionaries of the Kingdom.

Currently, the University of Évora offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees in most scientific areas, with highly qualified teachers and researchers and several Research Centres regularly evaluated by international panels, associated with perennial values such as mutual respect, desire for knowledge, intellectual honesty and freedom of thought.

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The City: Évora

The city of Évora is the main urban center of the region, in population and functional terms. The social and economic dynamics of the city has managed to counter the tendency of the region as a whole, maintaining a growth similar to other medium-sized cities in Portugal.

In the past few decades, the increasing urbanization of the population emerges, as a global tendency, with the increase of transference of the population from the small agglomerates to the big metropolis and to the medium-sized cities.

The appreciation of natural areas or of defined environmental valences, along with economic sustainability and a qualified social-cultural local network, have been constituted as assumptions made by society in general and by the organs of sovereignty in particular.

Source: Évora City Council